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How you can and why you should partner up with me

Whether you are a Chocolate Company or Brand, PR/Marketing Agency, or Industry/Trade Event, here are a few examples of collaborations we can discuss together…
Public Product Reviews & Brand Partnerships
I carefully screen collaborations with brands that ask for a partnership to send me products in exchange for my public opinion. All posts created to publicly describe my technical and emotional experience with the products are entirely the result of my honesty and available not only on social media but also on the blog (using Google Schema Markup) to maximize the reach of the brand mentioned online. My policy is to feature only products with a positive impression (rated with at least 4/5 points) to provide the utmost value to my audience and honor my voice’s mission.
Content Creation & Brand Storytelling
I have been using WordPress since 2015 and writing as a freelancer to produce articles since 2017. In 2019, I completed the Google Digital Training course with flying colors. I know what works and what does not to optimize the search results of online content on Google while attracting and entertaining the intended audience of a blog post or printed article. Additionally, I can create or revise the copy and claims that most make sense on your packaging and website to tell the unique story of your brand.
Private Product Opinions & Consultations
After four years of continued fine chocolate tastings from hundreds of brands, not only has my palate become trained to pay attention to flavors but also to detect excessive sweetness, bitterness, astringency, acidity, or salinity present in any foods. For this reason, I can offer sensory advice if you are reformulating an existing product or developing a new one. I am available to evaluate not only chocolate but also sweet and savory foods and drinks containing cacao.
Topic Presentations & Speaking Engagements
My activity is mostly online, but I would be happy to take part in educational events or speaking sessions to offer my expertise and provide engaging content. I can travel wherever my expenses are fully overwritten as soon as the global restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic are lessened over time.
Contact me now, I look forward to hearing from you!