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I’m asking the regular readers of this blog (that’s you!) to become micropatrons by contributing to cover specific milestones that would help enable me to keep writing, editing, and designing the website for one year on a full-time basis. If you find—or already found—Foodensity valuable in any way, please consider giving whatever you feel is appropriate to any of the services keeping it running smoothly in a year.

The content on Foodensity will always be freely available to everyone who visits. No access restrictions. Creating new content and updating the old one is a time-consuming activity but worth doing it. More time means there will be more content of a greater variety—and quality. All these efforts paid off in the long run. Foodensity is now well-positioned as a trusted voice in the fine chocolate industry for most-searched topics about chocolate or cacao—proudly outpacing even blogs written by more prominent social media influencers and direct ‘competitors.’

Today, blogging gets marginalized as a pursuit for the addicting essence of social media and influencers who hide their lucrative plans. However, I prefer leveraging my blog to grow my ‘influence’ rather than relying on social media. I feel the former a closer means to my pursuit to educate or inspire the fittest audience possible on the topics I talk about with dedication and honesty.

With few exceptions, media is generally supported by advertising. However, that’s not the way I feel about sustaining my pursuit. I’m attempting to revisit the idea of arts patronage in the context of the Internet. Patrons of the Arts have typically been wealthy individuals, foundations, or corporations.

By funding each of the following milestones, you will help to keep the focus of my work at its highest. As soon as a milestone is reached, I will remove it from the list and display the patron’s name (with their consent) on this page. All of your contributions will be highly valued. Thank you very much!