Why work with me

In our social era and economic scenario, more and more people are turning to bloggers and influencers specialized in a specific niche for information and inspiration. A new generation of content creators is gaining trust and loyalty from a growing base of readers that no longer rely on traditional media like the press, radio, and TV.

Building a sentiment of reference and respect coming from your public often takes years. Creativity, resilience, and passion are the elements distinguishing someone serious about what they are giving online from someone oriented to get vanity metrics for themselves.

Those who read my blog articles and follow my posts on social media connect with my storytelling, assimilate my insights, and take note of trends I regularly report or predict to stay updated with the market. I work on a policy of full disclosure where ethics, transparency, and authenticity are the core drivers of my activity.

What I can do for your brand/business

Labeling & Packaging Review
I provide you with my five years experience in reviewing food product labels—according to both horizontal and vertical legislation—delivering accuracy even under tight deadlines. My proficiency spans from EU to CA/US, and AU/NZ food labeling regulations. Additionally, I can create or improve the voluntary claims that most make sense on your packaging and the copy text that best tells the story of your brand.
Content Creation
I have been writing blog posts since 2015. I know what works and what doesn't to bring results on the search engines fast! I can improve the main aspects of your website, study a strategy for your online presence, and write buyer-grabbing copy for your e-shop.
Product Improvement
Besides the niche of fine chocolate, I always stay updated with the latest about food ingredients and new applications. I like to know about these trends in advance to talk about them in advance! I can propose alternative and on-trend food ingredients and formulations for your product, elevating sensory pleasure and health benefits at the same time.
Brand Awareness
Through my consistent online activity and deep understanding of the food industry, I have honed a high sense of authenticity and engagement aimed at raising the awareness related to the history, science, and quality of a food product. I can lace your reputation as a maker or supplier with your unique story as a brand on the market.

How we will work together

After receiving your first contact containing your request for advice, I will answer you within 48 hours outlining what to expect from my work and, if possible, mention a quote of the services necessary for the success of our collaboration. After my answer, you will have 15 days to confirm that you want to work with me. (Failure to respond within that time frame from your part will mean failure to verify our collaboration on your part.)

In case of a definite intention to work together, you will be invited to sign a service contract in which terms and conditions of the collaboration are described. (No work will be delivered in advance without first viewing and signing the service contract.) The service contract represents a formal commitment through which we both ensure the conditions for a successful collaboration experience are in place. Communication is everything in any great relationship and organization today.

  • Antonella created for the blog of our brand new business the first articles to educate the reader on the wonders of craft bean-to-bar chocolate. Her subject matter expertise is impressive! We are very satisfied with the direction we got from her even before launching our website.
    Muaz Notiar
  • Antonella collaborated with us for the labeling and nutritional claims of our first product. As a startup, it was such a benefit and relief to count on her great expertise and broad knowledge of current European legislation. Totally recommended!
    Elisa Parriciatu
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