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Labeling Reviews
I provide you with my five years experience in reviewing food product labels—according to both horizontal and vertical legislation—delivering accuracy even under tight deadlines. My proficiency spans from EU to CA/US, and AU/NZ food labeling regulations. Additionally, I can create or improve the voluntary claims that most make sense on your packaging and the copy text that best tells the story of your brand.
Product Opinions
After more than three years of continued fine chocolate tastings from different hundreds of brands, my palate has become trained to recognize many more kinds of flavors and detect excessive sweetness, bitterness, astringency, acidity, or salinity present in any sort of foods. For this, I offer technical and sensory advice as a food scientist and self-indulgent gourmet if you are reformulating an existing product or developing a new one. I am available to evaluate not only chocolate, but also sweet and savory foods and drinks containing cocoa.
Copywriting & Branding
I have been using WordPress since 2015 and writing as a freelancer since 2017. I know what works and what doesn’t to optimize results on the search engines and attract the right audience through attention-grabbing copy. I can analyze and improve the main copy aspects of your website, and create or tweak the copy for your web shop and printed collateral, keeping in mind the target user. Through my consistent online activity and deep understanding of the food industry, I can’t wait to lace your reputation with your origins as a brand on the market just through the right words and custom storytelling.
Event Speaking & Onsite Consultations
My activity is mostly online, but I’m always happy to travel for onsite consultations, company tours, and industry events to offer my honest expertise and opinions. (Expenses shall be intended entirely in charge of the company, agency, or organization requiring my service. Read more in the FAQ section below.)


  • Antonella contributed a well-researched article about vanilla in Issue One of Cacao Magazine. It was clear that Antonella was an expert and knew what she was talking about. I was particularly happy with her quick turnaround and her ability to always meet deadlines. Thanks again for your work and article, Antonella!
    Lukas Reinhardt
    Founder & Editor-in-Chief
  • Antonella is a great professional in the food and fine chocolate sector. Her articles and work are top quality, based on scientific knowledge, critical thinking, and analytical skills. Her clear-to-follow checklists and recommendations helped us on both regulatory and voluntary aspects of our products as a startup. Absolutely recommended!
    Elisa Parriciatu
    Co-Founder & CEO
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