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It all started with the desire to investigate a food so much beloved as unacknowledged in its history and origin. If it is common practice to link the appearance of an espresso cup with that of a coffee bean, an analogous association between cacao and chocolate is somewhat blurry. Yet, in comparison to other delicacies, chocolate is that food that elates our entire existence, from childhood to adulthood—and beyond.

Based on these premises, Foodensity’s mission is not only to elevate chocolate education among consumers, but also to provide stories and insights into the industry of fine flavor cocoa and chocolate to inspire food brands and professionals.




The Name

Foodensity was born initially in 2015 to explore topics related to food science as a whole. Not surprisingly, the name is the fusion of the two words “food” and “density,” to give an idea of the ‘dense’ interconnection of the various topics that make up a food system (nutrition, safety, technology, economy, etc.).
It is only since 2016 that the blog decides to dedicate its articles to the fine chocolate industry. This decision came about after a reader asked for nutritional information on dark chocolate following a widely-shared report on social media on how to recognize a high-quality hazelnut cream by its ingredients list.
What fascinates of high-quality chocolate is its ability to evoke aromas and flavors that could otherwise be tasted only through the fusion of different foods. There is no other food in nature that, wisely processed, gives the same sensory complexity as fine chocolate, which contains more than 600 aromatic precursors! Moreover, compared to other specialty foods, such as wine and coffee, chocolate requires a correct understanding of the various ingredients that may compose it (sugar, milk, inclusions) and how they may interact with each other.
That’s why the name of the blog, Foodensity, has remained the same. On the one hand, to give continuity to the path undertaken as a passionate communicator in the field of food science. On the other hand, because chocolate lends to the idea of something ‘dense,’ not only from a sensory point of view as a food, but also pertaining what characterizes its complex production and supply chain, starting from cacao.

The Mission

Foodensity has the aim of being a reference website for the fine chocolate industry. My audience is mainly made up of fine chocolate producers and professionals, and secondly, chocolate consumers and foodies, looking for inspiration and education focused on complex and recurring topics in the fine chocolate industry. To this end, I love creating in-depth articles on each topic, giving the reader a different angle from what they can already find online, whether to improve their business as a brand/professional or their approach as a consumer/lover.

The Author

I am a food scientist, fine chocolate writer, and product consultant for the fine/specialty chocolate industry since 2016.
My competence in food science, specialization in cereal-based products, and previous expertise in the Quality Assurance and Marketing areas of the ice-cream industry helped me to attract the first collaborations with fine cacao and craft chocolate brands desiring to improve their product quality and brand perception on a highly-competitive and fast-changing market.
I am happy to side ambitious but dependable companies or professionals for short-term assignments and long-term projects in the chocolate, ice-cream, bakery, pasta, and dairy industry.


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