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Vincent Palumbo
Vincent Palumbo
July 3, 2019 5:27 AM

What an amazing wealth of information on this subject! While my experience with lecithin in chocolate comes strictly as a consumer, I must say that after years of seeing lecithin listed in the ingredients of chocolate bars/products, and not knowing why, I now know firstly what it is, and secondly why it is used and seen on many ingredients labels! I have learned so much from this article, and as a consumer from this point on, I will be more educated when seeing lecithin listed with the ingredients on any chocolate bar/product I am considering to buy. I can say with confidence after reading this article, that when I see lecithin on a label, I know the reason it was chosen to be utilized, and it will not deter me from making a purchase if all else is appealing. What I have learned will certainly add to my future chocolate experiences. Thanks so much!

Richard Tango-Lowy
July 30, 2019 7:32 PM

A wonderfully informative article, Antonella!

A lot of craft chocolate makers don’t understand the role of lecithin and are hesitant to add it into their chocolate, but it’s absolutely necessary for chocolatiers in the production of ganache—that spectacular cream-chocolate emulsion at the heart of most truffles and bonbons. Cacao contains a tiny amount of lecithin, but not enough to form a robust emulsion. Hopefully, your article will be widely read by others in the fine chocolate industry.

Keep up the great work!

Dancing Lion Chocolate

Trinidad Reyes
Trinidad Reyes
May 31, 2021 1:22 AM

I am so glad I found this article as it really provided me with a lot of foundation knowledge on lecithin. I really enjoyed learning about sweetener’s surface-active status when it comes to phospholipids. I am having immense problems trying to make rare sugar-based milk chocolate and this article helped me understand what is going on and come up with solutions.
Thank you, Antonella!

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