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Terry Wakefield
Terry Wakefield

Nice to see an article regarding real white chocolate — many people have only experienced “waxy” white compound coating which is made with a vegetable oil (usually hydrogenated) which melts around 94F. There is a striking visual difference between white compound which is very white and white chocolate which is off-white or slightly yellow. Because the difference between the melting point of the oil in the white compound coating and body temperature (98F) is small, the “white chocolate” melts slowly in the mouth. Therefore, most people impatiently start to chew it to increase the melt rate. Since the partially melted material provides resistance, people often describe white compound as “waxy”. By contrast, the melting point of the cocoa butter in real white chocolate is around 87F (cocoa butter actually is comprised of a broad array of fatty acids which melt… Read more »

Vincent Palumbo
Vincent Palumbo

I have had white chocolate on occasion and have always considered it “real” chocolate. While I can’t remember any specific negative thoughts about any of the white chocolates I have tasted in the past, my favorite was always and still is dark chocolate. I have favored dark chocolate for the flavor, especially that of some of the very high quality artisan dark chocolate I have tasted recently (thanks to your recommendations, if I might add!) Your expertise is something I have come to rely on along with your honesty, Antonella. I appreciated this article very much, especially coming from such a knowledgeable source, and from it learned what makes white chocolate truly “real” chocolate!


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