• Product Labeling Reviews – I have gained experience in reviewing food labeling while I was a professional trainee in a major Italian ice cream company. I now review food product labels (according to both horizontal and vertical legislation) for remote clients, delivering accuracy even under tight deadlines. My proficiency spans from EU to CA/US and AU/NZ food labeling regulations.
  • Product Feedback / Recipe Improvement – My passion is the study of new food formulations including emerging ingredients and those that can bring greater sensory pleasure and health benefits to the end consumer.
    I am open to providing feedback to select chocolate makers about their new products, describing aspects that may be improved and alternative ingredients to include.
  • Article Writing – I have some experience in ghostwriting niche articles for startups in the fine chocolate industry.
    I can write educational posts, wrap-up accurate reports based on available data, and design succinct infographics.

Please, read my FAQ section below before booking a consultation or asking any other form of collaboration. Thank you!




How do I know if your service suits my case?

Contact me by email describing as many details as you need, your concerns about what you would like to improve or revise in your products, and on which type of markets you are going to launch/propose the products.
Following your request, I will give you a response—with no obligation for you—within 48 hours (Monday – Friday). Afterward, you will have 48 hours (Monday – Friday) to confirm whether to work with me or not. A missed answer will be equivalent to a missed confirmation.

Can I call you via WhatsApp / Skype before discussing your assignment?

No. Talking on the phone before my consultation is a waste of time for me and you: you could ask me questions that may require an immediate opinion from me. This would be unfair to me (it would be like asking me for a pseudo-free service), but, above all, inaccurate to you (I could give you an approximate answer before I can calmly assess your case).
For this reason, I always prefer a preliminary contact via email. Telephonic conversations can only be contemplated during a confirmed consultation.

What are your fees?

I always try to meet any request, being the majority of my consultations with startups and professionals of small but innovative business realities. It typically works like this: 30% down payment on the initial estimate before starting my gig, and final balance within 48 hours after the delivery of the assignment. I want to be sure you are satisfied with my work!



I want to send you a press release and/or products: will you publish my release or talk about my products on your blog / social media?

In most cases, my answer is negative, especially if you have the only interest in using others’ blogs as a space for free Internet advertising without providing anything else in return.
There are very few people with whom I have a more open exchange of information, but they are also the same persons I know how much appreciate my work.

What is your policy for reviews and/or interviews?

I opened a publication on Medium dedicated to reviews of products I particularly appreciated. As far as interviews are concerned, these are not usually requested by you, but me. All the professionals who offered their time and opinions on my blog have been contacted by myself for reasons of professional reputation and reciprocal esteem.