Cocoa Beans: Chocolate And Cocoa Industry Requirements

The publication “Cocoa Beans: Chocolate and Cocoa Industry Requirements”—supported by financial contributions from some members of CAOBISCO/ECA/FCC Cocoa Quality and Productivity Working Group and in-kind contributions from CRA Ltd—aims to provide a comprehensive, up-to-date reference document which brings together the key information from a range of publications covering aspects of cocoa farming practices, food safety and quality and provides linkages to sources of further details.
This informative document is based on The UK Biscuit, Cake, Chocolate and Confectionery Alliance (BCCCA) publication “Cocoa Beans–Chocolate Manufacturers’ Quality Requirements” which was last revised in 1996 (BCCCA, 1996). The focus remains on factors affecting quality of cocoa beans from post-harvest through to the factory gate, but as in the BCCCA publication, aspects such as Good Agricultural Practice (GAP), climate and planting materials are covered where they also have an impact.
Contributors Darin Sukha and Ed Seguine also provided helpful comments on the text and Appendix B: “Protocols for the preparation and flavor evaluation of samples and small-scale fermentation techniques”.


(Languages: EN, ES, FR)