Luxury Hotel Chain Provides Guide To Classy Chocolate Pairings

Whether you are a chocolate connoisseur thinking of organizing a practical session of chocolate tasting at home or a chocolatier in search of inspiration for spot-on chocolate combinations, this resource may be your next ideas bank, besides learning about the history of the commercial variations of the food of the gods.

Swissotel Hotel & Resorts, an award-winning Swiss luxury hotel chain, has recently published a succinct but comprehensive guide to classy chocolate parings for their clients, “Think Outside The Chocolate Box”.

With its over 600 flavor compounds, did you know that chocolate is the most flavor-nuanced food in the world?

For each type of chocolate (dark, milk, and white) are suggested six pairings, half of which are divided into:

  • Perfect Pairings (for the most conservative palates);
  • For The Adventurous (for bolder palates loving contrasting, yet complementary flavor matches).

You’d may surprised to read about olives dipped into dark chocolate, specialty cheeses paired with dark or milk chocolate, and white chocolate chiming with cauliflower or passion fruit!

Lastly, find out chocolate preferences by country at the end of the report.

Enjoy the infographic!

Classy Chocolate Pairings

A Guide to Classy Chocolate Pairings
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