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Vincent Palumbo
Vincent Palumbo
September 17, 2018 2:33 AM

Very thought provoking and inspirational to both chocolate makers, as well as chocolate consumers such as myself. I particularly appreciated the comparison of wine tasting notes and chocolate tasting notes. I thought it very smart to bring out and make the point early that wine tasting notes are usually introduced for matching the wine with a meal or food, and chocolate tasting notes inspire enjoying the chocolate by itself for its own attributes. This comparison was illustrated very well, and put the focus on purpose…tasting notes for single-origin chocolate. A wealth of information, very well presented throughout using clear examples for each point along the way. As a consumer, I will certainly in the future keep more in mind the considerations offered in this article when looking for a fine single-origin chocolate bar to try.

Hazel Lee
September 19, 2018 1:25 PM

A very detailed and thought-provoking article – congrats! Thanks so much for including Taste With Colour!

As a fine chocolate consumer for many years, I will always buy bars which include flavour notes. Origin, Maker and then Flavour Notes are key to my purchasing choice! The same goes for speciality coffee. With so much choice, we need something to guide us and with something that we can relate to.

It is a challenge that flavours are perceived differently by different people. I always begin every tasting session with this reminder: flavour experience is personal and different for everybody. I think it could be helpful to put some small disclaimer on packaging such as “We taste X, Y and Z in this bar, however, everyone perceives flavours differently. Please tell us what you taste!” or perhaps label them as “tasting note guide” rather than it being definitive. It’s tricky!

Regarding flavour inconsistency between crops, I think it is great to again take influence from the wine industry and put vintages. It may be too much information, but perhaps a simple “2017 harvest” may just be enough for consumers to understand and expect some variability between this bar and a future bar (or previous bar) from the same origin.

Fantastic article. Thanks for sharing!

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