About the Blog

Everything started with the desire to study more carefully so a special and beloved as unacknowledged food in its history and origin by the Western world. If it is likely to associate the appearance of an espresso cup with that of a coffee bean, the same image is somewhat blurry as far as chocolate is concerned. Yet, chocolate is just that food that gently and joyfully exhorts our entire existence, from childhood to adulthood—and beyond. Ask someone if they want a cup of coffee or tea, or a glass of beer or wine, and you will probably receive different responses—refusals included. Make the same proposal with chocolate, either being a solid bar or filled praline, or poured liquid into a cup, and hardly will you find anyone rejecting the invitation or disliking the treat.
This fine and complex, as well as delicious, food is nevertheless conceived by the big food industry and perceived by the consumer in a distorted way, nowadays. For the former, the highly automated processes in the name of efficiency and higher production volumes (without talking about the ingredients added) do not always rhyme with the product quality offered on the market. For the latter, instead, it becomes a cliquish experience to afford a higher quality product and understand the differences with the reference available on the mass market.
On the other hand, small chocolate makers do not always have access to state-of-the-art knowledge and tools to propose a product at level of its potential.
From these observations, Foodensity aspires to be a blog not only to promote chocolate education toward consumers, but also to provide fresh, useful insights, resources, and prospects to the small-to-medium chocolate makers and fine flavor cocoa producers all over the world. So that high-quality chocolate and cacao products can have a better recognition for those who produce them, as well as greater appreciation for those who consume them.

About the Author

I obtained a Master’s Degree in Food Science and Technology at the University of Molise (Italy) in 2006.
After passing the qualification exam as a Food Technologist in 2007, I moved between the Tuscan provinces of Florence and Siena in 2008 and garnered a professional traineeship in a large Italian company manufacturing ice-cream and frozen bakery products. I have since then returned to my native region, where I got additional training as a professional taster of bakery products.
Now I focus my passion and expertise on good chocolate, since I consider it a staple like bread. My passion for communication led me to create Foodensity, besides expanding the scope of my freelance activity as a consultant in the food industry.
I would define myself both an epicurean and a health-conscious consumer: for me equally important is not only the gustatory satisfaction of a food, but also the purity of the ingredients and the uniqueness of the recipes adopted by the manufacturer. Besides the quality of a product, I am always eager to know more regarding the sustainable impact of a food business and its success in the market.