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It all started with the desire to investigate a food so much beloved as unacknowledged in its history and origin. If it is common practice to link the appearance of an espresso cup with that of a coffee bean, an analogous association between cacao and chocolate is somewhat blurry. Yet, in comparison to other delicacies, chocolate is that food that elates our entire existence, from childhood to adulthood—and beyond.

Based on these premises, Foodensity’s mission is not only to elevate chocolate education among consumers, but also to provide stories and insights into the industry of fine cocoa and chocolate to inspire food brands and professionals.

I started my blog Foodensity in January 2016 with the aim of being a reference website for the fine chocolate industry. My audience is mainly made up of fine chocolate producers and professionals, and secondly, chocolate consumers, looking for inspiration and education focused on complex and recurring topics in the fine chocolate industry. To this end, I love creating in-depth articles on each topic, giving the reader a different angle from what they can already find online, whether to improve their business as a maker/professional or their approach as a consumer.

What I can do for your brand

Labeling & Packaging Review
I provide you with my five years experience in reviewing food product labels—according to both horizontal and vertical legislation—delivering accuracy even under tight deadlines. My proficiency spans from EU to CA/US, and AU/NZ food labeling regulations. Additionally, I can create or improve the voluntary claims that most make sense on your packaging and the copy text that best tells the story of your brand.
Sensory Opinions
After more than three years of tasting fine chocolate, I can say that my palate has changed and become much more sensitive to the flavors and excessive sweetness, bitterness, astringency, acidity, and salinity present not only in chocolate but also in other foods. For this, I offer sensory advice if you are reformulating an existing product or developing a new one. I am available to evaluate not only chocolates, but also sweet and savory foods and drinks containing cocoa or chocolate.
Copy Review & Writing
I have been using WordPress since 2015 and writing as a freelancer since 2017. I know what works and what doesn’t to optimize the results on the search engines and attract the right audience through attention-grabbing copy. I can analyze and improve the main aspects of your website, and create or tweak the copy for your website, e-shop, and printed collateral.
Brand Awareness
Through my consistent online activity and deep understanding of the food industry, I have honed a high sense of awareness related to the history, science, and quality of food products. I can lace your reputation as a supplier, processor, or maker with your unique story as a brand on the market.
Onsite Attendance
My activity is mostly online, but I’m always happy to travel for onsite consultations, company visits, and industry events to offer my honest expertise. (Expenses are intended entirely in charge of the company, agency, or organization requiring my service.)
  • Antonella created for the blog of our brand new business the first articles to educate the reader on the wonders of craft bean-to-bar chocolate. Her subject matter expertise is impressive! We are very satisfied with the direction we got from her even before launching our website.
    Muaz Notiar
  • Antonella collaborated with us for the labeling and nutritional claims of our first product. As a startup, it was such a benefit and relief to count on her great expertise and broad knowledge of current European legislation. Totally recommended!
    Elisa Parriciatu

I am geographically based in Italy and available to offer online and onsite collaborations and consultations at an international level.

(For more info, read about my services.)

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