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Vincent Palumbo
Vincent Palumbo

Wow, what a timely wealth of information incorporated in a very enjoyable read! So fascinating to see both already familiar items that have become part of the latest trends, and also at the same time discover new items and learn about their characteristics which point them in the same direction.
Some flavor trends I have already encompassed, are a long time favorite…coffee…as well as turmeric and smoked and fermented food products. I have always liked a variety of fruits, so some of the new and previously unfamiliar to me citrus fruits are certainly ones I will consider in 2019.
Thanks for such an informative and very enjoyable article filled with trends to follow and also indulge in…especially as inclusions in chocolate!

Aljai Singh
Aljai Singh

Great article filled with information. Just one tiny mistake, made by many in the food industry, the Hibiscus image you used is not the hibiscus you get tea of, or make juice from, this is the ornamental bush which isn’t quite edible. The hibiscus used in beverages (and leaves in salad or pickle in India) is called Hibiscus sabdariffa. Looks very different 🙂

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