Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate Review—The California Artisan Devoted To Single-Origin And Two-Ingredient Chocolate

If the main purpose and focus of all craft chocolate makers is thriving for excellence of taste in their gourmet creations, few have defined a clear philosophy underlying the level of quality and ethics of their chocolate products. The success of this approach is meeting the expectations of demanding consumers looking for a name that won’t ever disappoint them regarding consistent characteristics in guiding their purchasing decision.
Adam Dick & Dustin Taylor are a duo of Northern California chocolate artisans complying with a defined strategy in their chocolate-making art: they are entirely devoted to craft two-ingredient (organic cacao + cane sugar), single-origin chocolate. By not taking shortcuts in their process, they can leave out vanilla, additional cocoa butter from an origin other than the cacao mass, or other emulsifiers, in hopes of interpreting and highlighting the flavor notes in the cacao they source from the best plantations in the world.
Besides that, Dick Taylor ages its chocolate for 2-4 weeks to allow the flavors in chocolate to mature before reaching the final steps of tempering and molding the bars.

If you follow Dick Taylor’s updates on the social media for a period of time, you can’t help noticing a recurrent motif: their continuous obsession for quality, whether by replacing current equipment with new state-of-the-art findings, or releasing sought-after chocolate origins for a limited time.
All this research, care, and love for detail are ultimately expressed and reflected in Dick Taylor’s finished products.


Product evaluation

(bars purchased at French Broad Chocolates Boutique in Asheville, NC)



72% Sambirano, Madagascar

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Ingredients: organic cacao, organic cane sugar.

My first tasting of the series, without even knowing this chocolate won gold at the 2016 Academy of Chocolate Awards in London last July.

Tasting notes: molasses, orange, raisin, and toast.


Black Fig (made with 72% Sambirano, Madagascar)

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Ingredients: organic cacao, organic cane sugar, organic black mission figs.

Tasting notes: dried black figs are a match made in heaven with the delicate fruity notes of Sambirano cacao from Akesson’s Estate.


Fleur de Sel (made with 74% Dominican Republic)

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Ingredients: organic cacao, organic cane sugar, organic fleur de sel.

Tasting notes: blackcurrant and cream. An accord perfectly balanced with the delicate crunchiness of the sea salt crystals.


Personal considerations

 What I liked the most:
the quality Dick Taylor preaches is tangible in the chocolates I have tasted. Undoubtedly one of my try-again chocolate brands. (I am going to get my hands on two limited-edition bars soon: HSU – Los Bagels Slug Slime, and Alto Beni, Bolivia).

 What I liked the least:
I had difficulties in refolding the chocolate following the angled pattern of the golden foil. However, not a detail to deter me from enjoying one of the best chocolates ever!


Where to find Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate

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