Charm School Chocolate Review—Flavorful Vegan White Chocolate Blowing Away Even The Most Demanding Palates

If you count yourself among the loyal readers of my recent blog posts, you know well why, for being a health-conscious consumer and an exquisite taste connoisseur at the same time, I got so disappointed with clean-labeled chocolate featuring lavish certification stickers and health claims.
Thank goodness that’s not the case for one of the latest brands of vegan and soy-free bean-to-bar white chocolate I have tasted. As a firm believer of the fact that people are ready to buy a brand again if the ingredients, taste, values, and competence of the chocolate maker are a spot-on mix, I reckon even the strictest dark chocolate lovers can become more interested in trying high-quality white and milk chocolate with more frequency and then debunking all their flinty preconceptions in that respect. As explained in a previous post (read it HERE), white chocolate is for sure the most snubbed chocolate type, especially since difficult to win over high-end consumers’ taste preferences for being mainly sugar and bulk cocoa butter, and also with some of those consumers possibly allergic to dairy ingredients.

Being a lover of traditional white chocolate with dairy ingredients, I must commend Charm School Chocolate for the job they have done with their line of vegan white chocolate bars. Special acknowledgments are also credited to French Broad Chocolates for the customized advice kindly provided to my content contributor from Asheville, NC, for the choice of the available white chocolate bars in their assorted chocolate library.

Vanilla Bean Rice Crisp + Vanilla Bean White - front

Charm School Chocolate is a bean-to-bar, vegan chocolate company passionate about making chocolate with the highest quality ingredients, and bringing their customers a variety of quality chocolate products.

The company turns direct trade cocoa beans and organic ingredients into sophisticated flavors. On that note, it’s not a case that the business’s name takes after the charm schools “refining” their students, whereas it takes cocoa beans from around the world, and carefully “refines” them into polished, delicious treats.

Being Italian and having lived for a span of my life between the inspiring Siena and Florence, I am honored to share the same sentiments for those places with Charm School Company’s founder Josh Rosen.
Josh is the creative mind and zealous chef behind Charm School Chocolate’s delicacies. A Maryland-born mechanical engineer turned chef after enrolling at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, Josh has worked extensively throughout the US and abroad. Initially he traveled to Tuscany, Italy, where he taught pastry classes at the Toscana Saporita School, and later on to “The World”, (the largest privately owned floating residence on the planet) where he crafted scrumptious one-of-a-kind desserts while traveling the globe. On his resume, Josh can boast of serving as Pastry Sous Chef at Mario Batali’s Del Posto Restaurant in New York, helping them to earn a 4-Star New York Times Review. This would make Del Posto the first Italian restaurant to achieve the newspaper’s highest honor in 29 years.
In 2012, Josh competed in and won the title of the Food Network’s Sweet Genius, and then finally started Charm School Chocolate.

Product evaluation

Both the white chocolates are stone ground in small batches from pure organic cocoa butter.

Vanilla Bean Rice Crisp

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Ingredients: organic cane sugar, 34% organic cocoa butter, organic coconut, organic tapioca syrup, organic brown rice, sea salt, organic sunflower lecithin, organic vanilla bean.

As I hadn’t been much satisfied with the taste of the previous vegan and raw chocolates tried, I must admit I was entirely prevented in appreciating the fact the chocolate was vegan. Charm School White Chocolate Bars, instead, literally blew away the not-so-memorable experiences from my taste-buds with their creamy and buttery flavor, moderate sweetness and no weird aftertastes, since no dairy are conventionally added to the formulation of their white chocolate bars.

Tasting notes: lovely sweet and salty contrasts; the caramelized organic brown rice inclusions pair well with the salty crunch given by the French sea salt.


Vanilla Bean White

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If you have yin and yang taste-buds when it comes to chocolate, and you love 100% cacao chocolate bars as much as high-quality white chocolate, you cannot go wrong with this choice, especially in that cocoa butter, and not a sweetener, is the first ingredient of this creamy white treat:

Ingredients: 34% organic cocoa butter, organic cane sugar, organic coconut, organic tapioca syrup, sea salt, organic sunflower lecithin, organic vanilla bean.

Tasting notes: a silky texture, with persistent butter and dulce de leche notes.


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