Carlo Rotta Chocolate—A Story To Share

Carlo Rotta is a company distributing premium Made in Italy gianduia chocolate in London and Monaco, and establishing its reputation in the international market. Here a previous review and article of some of Carlo Rotta Chocolate’s products tested:

Carlo Rotta Product range

Carlo Rotta product range

People love chocolate more and more. Carlo Rotta, a new fresh brand just launched in London, is ready to satisfy them by the unique and unmistakable taste of Italian organic products.

People love chocolate more and more. That’s why the Chocolate industry is growing faster and faster around the world, especially in the UK. Chocolate is wildly popular for individual consumption, gift giving and cooking. Long a beloved treat in the western world, a recent study in Great Britain showed that 91% of females and 87% of males consume chocolate products. Due to the dominance of large-scale production dynasties, franchises and small businesses tend to focus on unique or specialty items or services. Unique chocolates may be from a region famous for a particular technique, baked on-site or offer a different take on tradition.
That’s the case of Carlo Rotta, an Italian entrepreneur, who has discovered confectionery excellence, becoming spokesman abroad for the unique and unmistakable taste of Italian chocolate.
Under the brand named after him, Carlo Rotta has created top quality artisan products designed for sale in select food boutiques in the major cities all over the world, like London and Monaco. Exclusive products such as Gianduiotti, Cremini, Dragée  that make the territory where they are made, Turin in the north of Italy, the artisan production methods, and selection of raw and organic materials a value that is appreciated everywhere on the international market.

Carlo Rotta Pistachio Gianduiotto

Carlo Rotta Pistachio Gianduiotto

Why have you decided to put your attention on the chocolate market?

In the past I have been travelling extensively and everything started from the consideration that abroad only few people know what ‘gianduia’ chocolate is about. Of course, they know Nutella but the general trend that sees people becoming more health-conscious has made them realise that there could be better products. So, in essence, I saw a niche there and I created ‘Carlo Rotta’ brand specifically to fill it.


And why especially on the UK and London markets?

Not only the chocolate comes from the best Turin-based chocolatiers who still work in a rather artisan way but also all the packaging is designed and manufactured in Italy. All this implies high costs and, as a result, we had no much choice than positioning the brand in the luxury segment. Of course, you also need a market who support higher than average prices and we thought that London was the right place in this sense: Londoners are very international, high spenders and very receptive of the new brands, products and trends. So the decision at the end was easy. For similar reasons, we are already selling also in Monaco and we will start soon in other international cities.

Carlo Rotta Hazelnut Dragée

Carlo Rotta Hazelnut Dragée

“Italians do it better”: is it even right for chocolate?

Undoubtedly so! Italian more than other nationalities tend to do whatever they do with passion, attention to details and strong sense of beauty. By now, foreigners recognise this and this is the added value of being part of the ‘Made in Italy’.


What’s your background as entrepreneur?

Professionally I used to be an internal auditor working for multinationals worldwide until three years ago. I enjoyed my profession which gave me the chance to deal with any kind of problem, in essence I was seen as trouble-shooter, and also allowed me to travel extensively. But my dream since when I was young was to start my own business. People get surprised by my ‘change of direction’ but I think that learning how to face and solve problems and all the travelling I have being doing have been extremely useful for becoming an entrepreneur today.

Carlo Rotta and Italian wine

Carlo Rotta extra-bitter chocolate, assorted gianduiotti, and Italian wine


To discover the whole story behind Carlo Rotta Chocolate, please visit its website. Those from London and the UK can find Carlo Rotta chocolate online at Delicatezza: and know products on sale by following Carlo Rotta’s Facebook page: