VAIcacao—Fine Flavor Cacao Nibs From El Salvador

If the most appreciated constituent of a chocolate bar is cacao, it is for adequate reasons, both for the pleasure of the palate and the versatility of consumption. Cacao is, in fact, not only the most complex food in terms of flavors (counting about 600), but it also turns out in multiple edible forms before being processed into the final solid and smooth version of a tablet.
Cacao nibs are the loop ingredient connecting a bar of solid chocolate or cocoa mass with its wild origin; they are the cacao beans that have been roasted, separated from their husks, and broken into smaller pieces.

Some weeks ago, a mutual follower on my Instagram account wrote me an email for professional consultation on their first product and, like chocolate undergoing a natural transition from its cacao, I related my first occasion to work for a company in chocolate to my first tasting of cacao nibs.

VAIcacao, an Italian-Salvadorian food startup focused on healthy eating and social sustainability, certainly could not have chosen a better time for me, after a long history of appreciation for the hundreds of craft American and European chocolate bars tasted at the time.
Having savored 100% cacao mass bars from different makers in the past, I figured out how cacao nibs might taste while waiting for their delivery at home. I could not help imagining their unique taste in mind, dreaming about their combination of smells and flavors, and the best way I could savor them as an unedited shape of chocolate.

The magic of life is when reality takes over our imagination for the good things!

Sensorially speaking, my VAIcacao nibs emitted an intense and addicting floral odor as soon as I opened their fancy lilac wrapper. The taste was not striking like the cacao masses I remembered, but nutty, with a delicate essence of violet.

Nutritionally speaking, high-quality cacao nibs are, in general:

  • one of the richest natural foods in magnesium (8% of the reference intake of an average adult), a mineral that regulates our metabolism and prevents migraines;
  • a good source of other minerals, such as potassium and iron, and powerful antioxidants (flavanols);
  • suitable for those minimizing sugar in their diet (containing no more than 1% of naturally-occurring sugars);
  • a good source of fiber (about 12% of its weight).

My favorite morning meal with VAIcacao nibs: organic puffed spelt, almonds (or alternatively, walnuts), whole white yogurt, and my unmissable espresso.

Following is a brief interview with Elisa and Juan Rafael, the young pair behind the VAIcacao brand, to know more about their mission as entrepreneurs in high-quality food and their vision as healthy eating advocates.

Thanks very much for your availability for this interview, Elisa and Juan Rafael. Please, could you tell us about your respective background and how did you come out with cacao products?

Hi, Antonella. Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to analyze the samples we sent you and for the mention in your blog!


 Elisa Parriciatu

Founder & CEO – Aurea Tradings

Born in Sardinia (Italy) in 1986, I grew up in contact with nature. Since a child, I showed interest in global issues of social and environmental impact. Being a yoga practitioner to stay in shape, I am a lover of “healthy eating”, preferring whole foods and experimenting with nutritious recipes.
After completing my studies in International Development & Cooperation, first in Italy and then in Spain, I traveled to El Salvador to work at the United Nations. In 2015, I decided to establish the company Aurea Tradings with my husband Juan Rafael, so in 2016 we created VAIcacao.


 Juan Rafael Trigueros Hill

Co-founder & Executive Director – Aurea Tradings

I am fortunate to have grown in contact with nature, in a tropical climate, from a young age as I explored the interest in agriculture by always being around, learning at my family’s coffee and cacao farms in El Salvador. After attending a boarding school in the US, I then returned to my country to continue my education in Economics & Business.
I started my professional career in the beverage industry collaborating with the SABMiller subsidiary in El Salvador and learned how big multinational companies operate, and how a well-established brand such as Coca-Cola adapted its business strategies in a fiercely competitive market. I then moved on to obtain valuable experience in sales and administration by joining a firm who regionally represented producers of raw materials for the textile and petrochemical. I then became part of the Coconut Cartel LLC team, and helped the company grow from its initial startup phase into a solid business by securing a broad supplier network, and co-designing the operations in order to allocate and deliver its product profitably.
During my spare time, I helped create ES-CACAO, which is a Salvadorian cooperative of specialty cacao producers, holding a seat on the board of directors, and being involved in projects of cacao productions related to environmental and socio-economic benefits.
In 2015, I co-founded with Elisa Aurea Tradings, a food importing and distributing hub in Europe, identifying the business strategy and operations for the launch of the VAIcacao brand, now living between Italy and El Salvador.

Apart from the company and personal information that we provided, we want to elaborate a bit more on the differentiation of our cacao nibs.
Our products come from very fine origin cacaos in Mayan Central America (called Mesoamerica). They are part of specialty cacao plantations and terroirs that develop interesting and unique flavor notes due to the interaction of genetics, sun, soil, and local weather. The quality is related to how the product is handled from harvest to processing, in equipment carefully supervised by artisans. The cacao farms that we have personally selected use the best agricultural and modern practices, such as planting varieties that are resistant to ground plagues and diseases, then grafting selected fine and flavor varieties to ensure quality and organic/bio results. 
Through our hand-picked supplier network, we offer fine and flavor, single-origin cacao that is coveted by the best chocolatiers due to its superb quality. In addition, we intend to change how these specialty cacao beans are consumed and give customers the opportunity to use them in their purest form, as a superfood, and benefit from their excellent nutritional values.
VAIcacao as a brand that promotes a healthy lifestyle, and intends to provide transparency and authenticity to the food market with a range of pure, simple, healthy, and superior products.


Where can we find your product and what about your market distribution strategy?

Through e-commerce, we have enabled worldwide shipping from our facilities in Sardinia, and we are currently in negotiations with a fulfillment warehouse in the Netherlands for more competitive courier costs to northern Europe. Also, we plan to set up our distribution and delivery services ready for the USA soon.
About B2B sales, we are currently activating accounts (stores and distributors) in different cities in the following countries: Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, and the UK. With time, we hope to expand to the primary accounts in other nations as well.

Thanking Elisa and Juan Rafael for the curtain-raiser of their cacao living, news on their future developments are awaited on their Facebook page and Instagram account.